For me, there is no greater joy than capturing a baby’s journey from being in their mom’s belly to completing a whole year on this planet. From the anticipation of welcoming a new family member to reaching the first birthday milestone – there are so many precious moments that deserve to be captured. And this is why I do what I do! Whether you want to celebrate your baby belly with a maternity shoot or you are celebrating the big first birthday – I can be the one to capture these memories for you! My recent one-year photo shoot with baby Mia, who I’ve known since she wasn’t even born, was extra special. The whole family got together to celebrate her first year together, and I was super excited to meet and photograph these lovely people again. Here’s a glimpse of my journey with Mia. 

Maternity Photo Session

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Your body changes and as natural as giving birth is, it’s still so miraculous. Maternity photo shoots not only provide a wonderful way to document the journey of becoming a parent, but they also help to capture the essence of pregnancy itself. The changes that occur during this stage are truly beautiful, and I feel privileged to be able to capture them for my mamas-to-be and their families. From the baby bellies to the pregnancy glow – women really shine in a different way during this time, and these photos are just a reminder of how incredible and strong you are. 

While baby Mia was sound asleep in the belly, her mom came to me for a maternity photo shoot. Her dad and adorable elder brother were also there to support and celebrate the second pregnancy! During maternity shoots, I always make sure to capture the expectant mother lovingly cradling her belly. The parents were so comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot, with the dad kissing the baby bump and just supporting his wife. Mia’s brother also showed affection for his baby sister by placing his hands on his mom’s belly! I also took family pictures with everyone smiling ear to ear, anticipating the birth of the precious angel.

Mia’s Newborn Photo Session

When sweet was born on 26th August 2021, her family visited me again for a newborn photo shoot! Since these are one-year-long projects, my frequent interactions with my clients help me build a good relationship with them. And Mia’s parents knew that I would take good care of their little darling. Mia was absolutely adorable, and we had so much fun taking photos together! She was such a good baby and gave us no trouble throughout the photo session!

With my studio full of props, cute baby clothes, and costumes for Mia to wear, I put together a heart-shaped basket and placed soft pink blankets in it – comfortable enough for baby Mia to snuggle and sleep in. I added some playful additions like soft toys, letterings that read “Mia”, and another baby basket with a tag that read “Made With Love” to create a picture-perfect newborn moment. Parents often find it difficult to believe that a newborn can go through a photo shoot without any crying or screaming, but trust me, we can make it happen together!  

I also captured styled images of baby Mia with her elder brother wearing Santa caps while she gave a heart-melting smirk for the camera! The parents held their delicate newborn in their arms and gently kissed her head as she was fast asleep. 

Mia’s First Year Of Life Photo Session

A baby’s one-year milestone is such a fun way to look back on all that you and your baby have accomplished in the first twelve months of life. It is really amazing how much they change and grow in just one short year! Seeing Mia being able to stand, walk, and sometimes even stumble was extraordinary. Time passes by so quickly, and they really do grow up so fast, which is why I think all parents should think about capturing these memories through photos. 20 years down the line, it’s those photos that will take you back to your child’s first year with you. And that is where I come in. 

Mia’s first year of life photo session was a blast that took place over a period of more than one year, with a total of eight photo shoots! From documenting the mom’s maternity pictures and Mia’s newborn images to capturing her finally turning 1 was so special for me! I created such a wholesome bond with this family and loved taking pictures of their milestones. For Mia’s 1st birthday/one-year photo session, we planned to take it outdoors! 

The weather was perfect, with the sun shining bright. Mia was all smiles as she sat on the grass while showing off her little bunny teeth! I also shot some family portraits, which also featured their delightful family dog too! It was such a beautiful day for everyone! Baby Mia walked, ran, and played with her elder brother and enjoyed smashing her cake and getting it all over her outfit and tiny legs and hands! 

An advantage of choosing me as your photographer is that I also provide you with specialized albums and framed images. After your photo shoot with me, you can request for images to be framed and given to you. If you are planning on having a one-year photo session, you can also place an order for an album.

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I recommend not to miss this period in your child’s life because those little hands and feet are growing faster than you can possibly imagine. At Newborn Photo Studio Plauen, I make sure to capture all the details of your child’s developmental milestones. 

If you want to see more newborn photos, you can check out the images by clicking here. I also shoot engagements and weddings, so if you are looking for someone to photograph your big day, I can be the right fit! 

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Babyalbum 1. Lebensjahr Plauen Vogtland

Babyalbum 1. Lebensjahr Plauen Vogtland

Babyalbum 1. Lebensjahr Plauen Vogtland

Babyalbum 1. Lebensjahr Plauen Vogtland

Babyalbum 1. Lebensjahr Plauen Vogtland