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photo diary 25.9.2010 – korkeasaari Zoo: island in front of Helsinki

Although you probably couldn’t quite see it in my landscape centric images in this Finland photo diary yet, but I like to take portraits! Since I don’t have to fiddle around with model releases shooting animals portraits is a welcome task. Furthermore it’s interesting how different country’s treat the animals in their zoos.

image-28326-b: frightening leopard

image-28326-b: frightening leopard ( Helsinki / Finland ) 25.9.2010 13:38

zoo-leipzig (Leipzig/Germany) We had still snow everywhere as I visited this zoo. I was surprised how large it is, if you want to go there you will need at least one day. Leipzig is nice for photographers because everything is vary nice illuminated and the cages look mostly similar to the normal environment of the animals. Reflection is not a big problem because you have manly metal lattice fence between animals and visitors.

gaiapark (Kerkrade/Netherlands) I had been visiting Gaiapark this spring, because they had a view new baby monkeys. But the animals didn’t look happy there, the cages where vary dark and looked vary human made and not like they’re normal surrounding. Besides the missing light the biggest problem was the strong reflecting glass everywhere between animals and visitor. My best advice: visit another zoo!

image-28192: hungry

image-28192: hungry ( Helsinki / Finland ) 25.9.2010 12:29

Korkeasaari (Helsinki/Finland) presents it salve as an entire Island filled with many animals and autumn coloured trees everywhere. In particular I’m going to remember the nice paintings at the cage walls indorse because they are idea for photographers. Helsinki being such a big city I would have expected a vary large zoo, but the space at the Korkeasaari island is limited. If you plan a Trip to Helsinki and like to take animal portraits Korkeassari is strongly to recommend.

image-28192: pleased

image-28192: pleased ( Helsinki / Finland ) 25.9.2010 12:29

Lets see if this one is going to be the last zoo I’ve visit this year, or if I´m going to get a chance to visit a zoo in Estonia during my upcoming trip to Tallinn.

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