image-26052: ostrich farm "Syrjynen"

photo diary 25.8.2010 – ostrich farm „Syrjynen“

Tourists are visiting Finland mainly in Jun and July. During this time 10 000 visitor went to see the ostrich Farm “Syrjynen” in 2010. The Farm can be found in a little village called Pälkäne, which is situated south-east from Tampere (the car trip takes halve an hour). It is one of the largest places in Finland, which raise these animals. Approximately 70 ostriches as well as few other animals live at this Farm. During the Tourist season the farm is open for visitors during the week. Unfortunately I arrive to late and the farm was already closed. But luckily the owners are vary friendly and showed me the animals, outside their opening hours and without entrance fees. This place it’s certainly worth a trip, if you like to photograph rare animals.

image-26052: ostrich farm "Syrjynen" image-25986: ostrich farm "Syrjynen" image-26010: ostrich farm "Syrjynen"

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