image-30667: industry city Tampere – air pollution - the "light" turns red

photo diary 18.10.2010 – industry city Tampere – air pollution – lights turn red

image-30667: industry city Tampere – air pollution - the "light" turns red

Tampere is an important industrial center, during the second half of the 19th century almost half of Finlands industrial labor could be found in the city. The most important industry was the cotton industry which had been found in 1820 in the Finlayson factory buildings. Finlaysons cotton factory was the first major industrial establishment in Finland. It was powered by the Tammerkoski Rapids. The rapids and the old red-brick factory building of Finlayson are today one of Finland’s national heritage landscapes. Currently Tampere is trying to get from the Industrial towards a knowledge economy. Even the old Finlayson building are used by TV, Fin Art and Media students (among them my self) to learn at TTVO (TAMK Art and Media). The four institutions of higher education in Tampere have approximately 40 000 students.

But even today you will be remembered on the importance of industry there are many large smokestacks in the city center which blow lot of smoke in the environment – one of them can be seen in the image above.

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