image-30328-b: Hämeenlinna Castel

photo diary 15.10.2010 – first snow (trips to Hämeenlinna)

It became vary cold during the past couple of days & yesterday I saw the first real snow in Tampere. Today, the bridge in the first image is still frozen which makes it difficult to walk at some places. It had been vary cold during my Photo trip to Hämeenlinna although its only 80km from Tampere the climate appears to be colder and it had become a challenge to take images. I experienced a couple of snow storms, but the snow is still defrosting vary quickly, but I’m sure the snow will stay soon.

image-30328-b: Hämeenlinna Castel

image-30328-b: Hämeenlinna Castel ( Hämeenlinna / Finland ) 15.10.2010 11:35

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