photo diary 27.8.2010 – Finland´s capital

Today, I visited the capital, reason enough to have a closer look at some basic information introducing the country. Finland is a large country it includes 338,424km2 (8 times the size of the Netherlands). The country is sparsely populated in average 17 inhabitants live on one square kilometre. Which is a total of 5,180,000 people living in the entire country (1/3 of the Dutch population). Since people don’t need a large living space 86% of the country is still covered by forest and additional thousands of lakes and island create total water coverage of 10%. The landscape is rather flat with only few hills. Temperature in south Finland differentiates from -20 (winter) till +37 (summer). In the north of the country (f.i. Lapland) dominates subarctic clime and the sun never rises above the horizon during the winter months.

image-26237: Finland's capital

image-26237: Finland's capital ( Helsinki / Finland ) 27.8.2010 14:08

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