image-27784: autumn leaf

photo diary 20.9.2010 – autumn in Finland

The autumn in Finland came surprisingly quick, over night so to speak. The leaf trees and the ground that surrounds them are vary colorful by now. Although much more significant is the rain. Back in Ireland we didn’t had lesser rain.

image-27837: Finnish autumn / rainy days

image-27837: Finnish autumn / rainy days ( Tampere / Finland ) 20.9.2010 14:52

I like the feeling this lens creates it’s so typical for it, therefore I take this lens out of the bag again & again. (Flowing images shot with f2.8 at 200mm.)

image-27780: mushrooms everywhere

image-27780: mushrooms everywhere ( Tampere / Finland ) 19.9.2010 18:08

image-27784: autumn leaf

image-27784: autumn leaf ( Tampere / Finland ) 19.9.2010 18:09

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