image-37883: photo spread: people rushing thru the city ( Oxford / GB ) 12.3.2011 16:09

photo diary 12.3.2011: Oxford

image-37777: the House ( Oxford / South East England / Great Britain ) 12.3.2011 13:52

What I took away from the trip was first of all I got reminded again that cities in general and old architecture in particular are not much of photographic interest for me. I prefer people or coastlines and nature scenes. What caught my attention most, was the enormous amount of people walking in the streets. Therefore I took a couple of longer exposures, aiming to balance moving as well as steady people. In addition to that the pink flowers of the big tree (shown at the next image) in the middle of a shopping street surprised me considering the time of the year.

image-37883: Oxfords early Spring ( Oxford / South East England / Great Britain ) 12.3.2011 16:09

Oxford is one of the most visited of the smaller English cities. Around every corner tourist goops and their guides take a close look at the many old buildings. It is stated that an example of every British architectural period can be found in the city. Most of those old buildings are used as Colleges. The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. You can see many young people in the city. Besides Oxford has some very interesting bookstores, with an outstanding photography book selection, those were my personal highlight of the day.

image-37853-b-HDR: stunning sky above oxford's colleges ( Oxford / South East England / South West England / Great Britain ) 12.3.2011 15:33

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