photo diary 25.3.2011: Malvern Hills

I couldn’t go for a day trip this weekend, because I need the time for a couple of freelancing projects and to plan one larger trip for next week therefore I decided its time for my first walk up the hills and have a look if it offers nice scenery to photograph. One my way up the hills I saw vary colourful tree in the middle of the still quite wintry looking surrounding – it looks like the spring is on its way.

image-38316-b: spring awakening in Malvern ( Malvern / West Midlands – England / Great Britain ) 25.3.2011 15:27

The nice colourful sky I saw couple of days ago (from the distance) didn’t appear today because at the other side of the hills it was foggy and the sun disappeared a couple of kilometres above the horizon behind a thick cloud and fog mix. But I found the mountaintops sticking out above the fog in the distance, are vary appealing too.

image-38569-b-HDR: foggier sunset upon the Malvern Hills ( Malvern / West Midlands – England / Great Britain) 25.3.2011 18:11

Concluding I felled my first trip up the Malvern Hills was worth the effort walking up the Hills, its difficult to get there, but it is worth the view. The scenery I found up is nice and I’m encouraged getting my self more frequently to walk up there and photograph the sunset.

image-38627: night sky ( Malvern / West Midlands – England / Great Britain ) 25.3.2011 18:28

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