photo diary 30.1.2011 – England 2011

It is Sunday mooring 10am, my plain just landed and I’m shooting my very first photograph of England. Ahead of me are 6 months working in a small English city, during my weekends I´m going to travel to capture the British landscape.

image-35660: my first photograph of England ( Gatwick Airport / London / England ) 30.1.2011 9:53

Asking my way through London had been very chaotic. After an exhausting 16 hours trip I’m close to the second last stop of today’s journey as some hills caught my attention.

image-35669: sunset at the mountains ( Worcester / England ) 30.1.2011 17:08

This had been my start in this new country soon I’m going to arrive at my destination.
May my trips be save and offer lots of opportunities to capture beautiful landscape shots.

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